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"Before I started CrossFit, I had lost 80 pounds. My purpose for joining was to continue with weight loss,and at the same time tone and get stronger. I have many injuries that could keep me on the couch; Knees, ankles,shoulder pain,but staying on the couch is NOT an option.I told Coach Mike that there is no way I am going to be able to do SQUATS.. Well, my squats started on a big wooded box,and now I have graduated to
the small wooden box..Getting STRONGER and doing your personal best is what Crossfit is all about. Not giving up and moving forward, all lessons that can be brought into your daily life,which is why I think Crossfit is such a great workout..The support of all the others is warm, inviting,filled with NO JUDGEMENT,which makes working out a pleasure. I wish I had found CFBB earlier."


"Before I started at CFBB I was overweight, overwhelmed in my life and unhappy.  I am a working mother of two young children and I lost contact with myself caring for everyone around me.  Aside from my physical transformation, I have gained the drive and focus that was missing in my life.  CFBB has taught me that anything I hope for myself is possible and with work can be achieved. Because of my newly discovered strength, I am finally the mother, wife,professional and person I have always wanted to be.  I will never look back."

~Christine S.

"4 rep unbroken PR of a 115 pound OverHead Squat, 170 pound PR Power Clean, and an RX on the MetCon! There was a time when numbers such as these were not a plausible option for me on these exercises, honestly it would not have happened. As I have grown physically stronger training CrossFit, there has been an astronomical impact on my mental well being also. The ability I have gained to try. To know that the weight I am placing on the bar is going to challenge me significantly. That there will be a chance I may miss a rep, and try regardless. To know that I have the confidence to push through the workouts no matter how much pain I am in. To see the athlete I have become, and to remember the person I was, the person who gave up when things were difficult, the person who lifted weights that were easily manageable simply because it was familiar. To see myself go beyond the limits I previously placed upon myself, and achieve things I never thought possible. This is not just a good feeling, it is the best feeling."


"When I started at CFBB about 14 months ago, I weighed in at about 235-240 lbs. and had not been to a gym in over 8 years. I looked at several gyms in the area but was worried that I would get bored with the same old routine and set myself up to fail... again. Then a friend mentioned there was a Cross Fit location near her and I went to check it out. To be honest, the first 4 months were torture. I was sore for days after each workout and could barely bring myself to go to the next one... but I kept at it. The positive feedback I got from other members and the "you can do this" attitude from the coaches made me want to keep coming back.
Since joining I have dropped 20 lbs., and at 58 years old I am in the best shape of my life. I may not be the fastest runner, or have the best performance numbers, but I am incredibly pleased with the results I've achieved since signing up. I have more energy than ever, my stamina and strength have improved like I never thought they could, and I'm able to do exercises now that I never dreamed possible only a year ago.
CFBB made a convert out of me and I would whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone."

~Larry Krenkel

"Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to both of you for helping me get through all of my health issues. I really can't believe how much my lessons mental and physical at the gym played a huge impact in my recovery. I feel going forward I can fight through anything, everything should be so lucky. You and fellow crossfitters played such a part in helping me along my journey. When you are faced with a scary life senior you need all the hands on deck. I got to have all hands on deck and what a gift!! Joe and I are stronger physcially and mentally all because of CCBB! So for all that you have done for us,  I "THANK YOU" from the bottom of my heart! You've changed our lives forever in the best way possible, for the better! You need to know "YOU" did that!!! "

Love, Julie and Joey

"Order is defined as the arrangement or disposition of people or things in relation to each other according to a particular sequence, pattern, or method. Within society the stereotypical order of events dictates what each individual does, and when they are to do it. In most cases people become complacent with the task they are expected to accomplish. To simply fall in order is not the correct way to live; moreover it is simply a way to pass through life.

A few months ago I made a life changing decision, I had stepped out of order. I decided that the average nine to five routine was not for me and never will be. I took my first step into a life of obstacles and challenges bigger than I could imagine. Mike Repecki is one of the few individuals I know that had done what I hope to accomplish. However, the accomplishments Mike has aren’t shown by medals or trophies; his accomplishments are displayed through his mental toughness and coaching mentality. 

I have been a member of Mike’s gym, Crossfit Blue Bridge, for almost three months now. Within my three months of training with Mike I have broken through my expectations and developed a form of mental toughness that most individuals will never understand. The past three months have changed me, my life, and my outlook on life. The life that Mike is preparing me for doesn’t accept excuses; only excellence. Not many people can say they met one person who impacted them in such a way that they will remember them with constant gratitude, I can."

 I can’t thank you enough:


Peter T. Gilroy

"I was the ultimate couch potato, finding every excuse to not exercise, CrossFit was the
furthest thing from my mind. I was physically a train wreck, unhealthy, history of high blood pressure, pre-diabetic, along with physical ailments such as back and hip
problems. I was OBESE and getting worse. Then Coach Mike introduced me to the CrossFit way of life and guided me thru everything! Team CrossFit BlueBridge became a
happy place for me! There is a strong network of support, friendship, encouragement and companionship. CrossFit was the best life investment I have made. It is now 3
years later and I have lost close to 100 pounds and I am stronger both mentally and physically! Coach Mike and his family of coaches more than likely saved my life and
have been so instrumental in the overall improvement of quality of life. Thank you Mike Repecki, you are not only a trainer/coach, you are a great friend...I owe you Brother."

​~Chet McKinney

"I am loving it!!  Hoping to add Fridays when I get access to the car that day; it's close enough to walk but I have to drum up the courage to walk the side of the road.  We shall see!  Anyway, here you go ...

Six weeks ago, this 60 year old woman right here started at CrossFit Blue Bridge.  And yes, it has changed my life.  Now, I would never think of joining anywhere else.  This is more than a gym ... it is an experience.
I go four days a week for the ultimate workout.  The coaches are so knowledgeable and professionally guide you to give it your absolute all.  You leave feeling that you can accomplish much more than you ever thought possible and that it is well worth it .... you are alive, strong and becoming fit.  Here, the people around you understand the importance of this journey.  And understand that it is the journey, not the destination, that is most important.
If you have grit, or are in need of grit, this is the place to go. You join to become the best you can be.  It is not about being skinny, it is about being strong.  Thank you CrossFit ... I believe you are changing the zeitgeist."

Jean O'Malley Polatnick

"Helping People Live Life Better"


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