You won’t walk into a room feeling like you don’t belong or can’t keep up.  You will walk into a motivating atmosphere with equipment that is functional and effective at increasing your fitness level, getting you in shape or working you up to competing with some of the fittest athletes in the world. We stress functional fitness that increases your ability to move in everyday life.  We use CrossFit methodology to maximize your overall fitness level and increase your energy level, flexibility and strength.  Workouts consist of constantly varied functional movements executed at a high intensity.  This dynamic regimen improves every dimension of a person’s fitness, including their strengths and weaknesses. 

Wondering if CrossFit is for you?

Drop in for a class; you’ll see people of all fitness levels, ages and experiences.  All the workouts and movements can be modified to meet your individual ability and comfort level.  Each session is hands-on and interactive with time allotted for technique building and understanding.   If at any time our coaches feel an exercise may be unsafe for a member due to injury or fitness level, the exercise will be modified or substituted with an exercise of equal range of motion capabilities.  Our coaches will ensure attention is given to everything from the basic CrossFit techniques through the more challenging movements.  

CrossFit Blue Bridge promotes healthy living and functional fitness.   You will enjoy personalized, high intensity training from knowledgeable and encouraging staff.   CrossFit workouts are designed to be short, sweet and scalable to any fitness level.  We recognize that not everyone is an elite athlete.   Everyone feels like family at CrossFit Blue Bridge.  We feel all a person needs is a little coaching, determination, dedication and heart.  With these ingredients, CrossFit can help anyone reach their fitness goals!

Call Mike at 570-460-5285 or stop by during one of our scheduled classes and experience CrossFit Blue Bridge for yourself.

WARNING:  Be ready to get in the best shape of your life!

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CrossFit Blue Bridge is not your typical gym.  You won’t see treadmills or elliptical machines, there are no repetitive classes or routines.  

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